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Friday, 7 February 2014

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christmas Is Coming!

The fiftieth anniversary special of Doctor Who is just around the corner, and what with trailers, interviews, leaked photos from set and gossip from the cast, there's a fairly huge amount of info about it doing the rounds.

But what of Matt Smith's final episode? What of the Christmas Special? Well, here are a few hints at what we can expect! Just a few teasers, nothing seriously spoilery! But read on at your own risk:

-Matt's regeneration (or the circumstances surrounding it, anyway) has more than little in common with that of the First Doctor.

-He's still got one more than the Daleks! (Legs, that is...)

-Silence MUST AND WILL fall when the question is asked.

-Expect enemies galore! But not all of them are real.

-Matt really is the 'Kids' Doctor' - there are drawings to prove it!

-An intimate area of a previous companion (sort of, anyway "LOL!") makes an important reappearance.

-Clara's a teacher?!

-Moffat is most definitely making his first Doctor the longest-serving incarnation! 

-The "Tenth" Doctor was so, so vain. To "Eleven"'s detriment, it would seem!

-But where on Earth can it all go from there?!

Trailers, interviews and images from the fiftieth are available all over the bloody place. Google! 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dead Ends

After a day of searching the Internet and the streets of Cardiff for Doctor Who filming - and after FOUR (yes, four) false alarms - we have admitted defeat: we don't know where they are today.

Day One:
Crew 1 -  0 Fans