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Monday, 24 October 2011

The X Factor Live Shows - Week Three

Rock Week came and went with the usual drama - backstage bullying, pop songs rocked up/rock songs popped down, shiny suits, flame bars and more of Kitty's massive face than ever before.

So, who did well and who didn't? My Top Three This Week are: Johnny Robinson singing The Darkness' "I Believe In A Thing Called Love", who was wonderful! Really entertaining! Also, Misha B(ully) singing "Purple Rain" and - I hate that I'm saying this... - Kitty Brucknell doing "Live and Let Die".

No Janet (although she'd be in my top four) this week! Shock!! But let's get on to the next thing. A question that has been debated time and again in our house; Which Rythmick Is The Hottest? Here are your options: The one who looks like an Ewok. The hot black one. The blonde one. The other one. I think I've answered the question while asking it, to be honest, but I'd be pleased to know what your opinion is... @gabundy on Twitter, let me know.

I love Rythmix. They're doing what no other girl band have ever done on The X Factor - they're singing in tune and are actually entertaining us. 

They seem to be good friends and I've not yet seen a performance from them - at any stage in the competition - that I haven't enjoyed. Excellent stuff. They stand for so much more than just "Girl Power" (that's such an outdated term now - God, I feel old!). There's an element of "we may not be perfect but then who is? We're having fun" about them as a group and it comes across in their performances. You can see how much fun they're all having too, off-stage as well as on - each and every one of them are clearly happy to be there, doing their thing every week...

...which is more than can be said for Sophie. She's clearly very talented (although she murdered "Living On A Prayer" last weekend) and, in her normal clothes at least, she appears to be Just A Normal Girl but her performances, her reaction to comments from the judges, everything she says in interviews - to me, it all just screams "I Can't Be Arsed". Maybe I'm being unfair. I like her, I think. But I don't think she likes us... does that make sense? Hmmm.

Whatever. The X Factor is still keeping me entertained and now that Sammi is out (thank fucking God) I can watch it without the fear of accidentally being hypnotised by her shape-changing mouth. I honestly believe that she is a witch with powers of control over her voting audience... Well, no more! Sorry Sammi. x

NEXT WEEK: Janet - Is She Really As Innocent As She Seem? and Kelly's Massive Chin.