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Saturday, 29 October 2011

The X Factor Live Shows - Week Four

Okay, so here's how it is: last week I said I was going to moan about Kelly Rowlands' massive chin, but then this week Alexandra Burke took Kelly's seat and took big faces to a whole new level! So, it would be completely unfair to follow my plan through.

So, straight on to This Week's Top Three! First off, the lovely Johnny Robinson, who was finally given a chance by Louis to show his real talent off. Singing That Ole Devil Called Love, he blew me away - and got a kiss from Gary. 

Next up, the woman I hate to love, Kitty Brucknell - by far the most interesting to watch on the show; I think she's about as professional and hard-working as it's possible to be on a show that forces you to "be yourself" - this is what Kitty is and love her or hate her you cannot deny she has an amazing voice. Her rendition of Sweet Dreams was outstanding.

Now, the third place in my top three has given me trouble. Should it go to the ever-wonderful Misha B? Or maybe to the recently renamed LittleMix? Or Frankie, who once again proved that you don't have to have a great voice to be a great pop star... One thing's for sure - and I hate to say this - it's not going to Janet Devlin, who (in my opinion) only just managed to make her song bearable. She's wonderful, but her song this week was NOT.

But at least we saw a more "grrr" side to her this week. She's not as cutesy as we're all lead to believe. It's clear from the VTs that she speaks her mind and isn't afraid to be the one with the differing opinion. And she likes to wear lots of black leather when she's at home - to a judgemental person that would make her an S&M Whore! 

But there we are - Janet is lovely. I have a soft-spot for her and it's clear she'll go far in this competition, but innocent? Not completely. She's entirely able to hold her own and defend her own opinions. I still love her. She's pretty awesome. 

Overall, this was a bit of a flat week for me. Johnny and Kitty blew me away but all of the others left me a little deflated. Hopefully next week the show will kick back and be the nervous ride it usually is. And on here NEXT WEEK: Craig Is Boring. Kitty Is Confusing. And there are Too Many Ads!