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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Keep Your Eye On Him!

Paul McGann plays Mark North in Luther. Long-suffering lover of Luther's late ex-wife Zoe. He's been through a lot and is, basically, the reason Ian Reed was shot by Alice Morgan at the end of series one. 

But I think we should be keeping an eye on him. I think he's our baddie! Here's why I think so: In series one, episode one, when Luther is still in the hospital getting a visit from Ian, they play chess. They are clearly good friends. As you know, Ian turns out to be the series' "Big Bad" when he kills Luther's wife and frames him for her murder. In the hospital in S1E1, when they play chess, Luther plays white and Ian plays black. It was right there to see all along, right from the beginning - good vs evil. Nobody seems to have noticed this! Now, everything in this post is speculation. I don't have spoilers for this show at all. I don't know for sure if the following will turn out to be true... But...

In the scene in series two, episode one, when Luther and Mark North play chess in the diner, Luther again plays white and Mark North plays black. It's enough for me to want to keep an eye on him. Watch him. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this our villain.