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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pottermore? Nope.

Okay, it was never going to be more adventures featuring Harry and his friends but I'm sure most of us had higher expectations of J.K. Rowling's latest publicity atrocity "". We have spent ages waiting, refreshing and wondering what the site could be about. Some wanted more stories - that was never going to happen. Some wanted reference books or an extensive online Potter encyclopaedia - what would have been lovely, especially since it would be 100% official. Others had other ideas; there was speculation among millions of fans online as to what this could all be about.

Then today at 12pm the "announcement" was made on the site - a unique "reading experience" - the same stories but with extra bits, "Namely, YOU". So although details are still sketchy as to what we're actually getting, it seems this is a cross between a fan-forum and a glorified online book group. What a bloody let down. It sounds as though it'll be a bit like a "read along and gather points as you do" type game. Whether the texts will be available online in their complete form or whether new fans will be expected to buy the books (which you should all do) is another question yet to be answered in full. Likewise, whether there'll be a registration cost (unlikely, that'd be a bit too cheeky) is another question. I would also love to know if there's a point to this? I mean, I've read all of the books countless times. I've enjoyed them every time. If I want to read again I'll just pick up the book. The whole thing smells of "flogging a still living, but dying slowly horse" - "what else can we do with the limited material available".

How about this J.K.? Write a NEW book. Write some new stories not about Potter. Let him get on with his lives and stop trying to dilute the magic. The books will be classics forever now, isn't that enough? What you're doing here is a) dragging kids online (never a good thing) b) providing an "official" forum for fans - thus taking away custom from some of the wonderful unofficial forums out there and c) GIVING US THE SAME STORIES, REPACKAGED!! I'm almost as disappointed as the time I bought The Tales Of Beedle The Bard and it was simply a shit cash-in (albeit for charity) as opposed to the Tome you describe in the HP books! I am disappointed Rowling. Very much so.