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Sunday, 17 April 2011

The London Marathon 2011

If getting up at 7am for the Formula 1 isn't exertion enough I have also had to sit through the bloody London Marathon this morning/this afternoon. I'm exhausted! Back in 1908 I don't think anyone thought that such an event would make unfit people like me out of breath without us even taking part.

It's boring watching the athletes run it. Really boring. But when the fun runners come out, dressed as bears, washing machines and various other stupid things, it's a lot of fun!

Some of them are doing it solely for a good cause - it's all for charity see! - but some, you can tell, do it just for the bloody hell of it. Those who run in a mankini with no charity attached, or so it seems. That's what I'd do. It's an excuse to dress up as a bit of a bell end and run further than you take your bus to work every day. It'd be fun, I think! And if, like me, you're incredibly unfit after spending far too long on your sofa, then it's a nice excuse to get back into shape.

So I've made a decision: I'll bloody do it. I'll start training, as best I can, starting May 1st. I'll get myself back in to shape, fit again, able to run further than to the Co op... And then, one year from today, I'll run the London Marathon. I will. Don't laugh! I bloody will! You just watch this space...