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Sunday, 17 April 2011

BGT Returns!

Just a really quick post about the return of Britain's Got Talent. I'll be blogging a lot about it as the series progresses I think... 

Bottom line is this: The show is suffering from a severe lack of Simon Cowell. The new judges, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff are okay, but there's a bite missing this year...

Also, there's a severe lack of talent. I know it's early days and they tend to get the stupid, idiot contestants seen first but there was only one person with any talent at all (I refuse to count the little comedy kid who just told old jokes in a too-big suit).

Michael Collins (not that one) plays guitar and is a bit fat and nerdy and dresses like he's got a day of wanking planned. But he really really can play guitar! He sings too and although his voice isn't world class by any means, he's pretty good. The ONLY person in the entire first episode to show even a modicum of talent. I hope we get more "good auditions" in the shows to come, otherwise we may as well just give the Royal Variety Show gig to Mike now.