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Monday, 18 April 2011

Russell Brand On Piers Morgan's Life Stories

I can't bloody stand Piers Morgan - he winds me up, as, no doubt, he does you. But that show he does, Life Stories, is pretty good. I watched it when Gordon Brown was on there and when Simon Cowell was on there and when Cheryl Cole was on there. I threw rotting veg at the screen when Susan Boyle was on there (nothing personal against her... I just don't like her). But the episode I have enjoyed most was shown after Britain's Got Talent on Saturday and featured an interview with Russell Brand.

If you don't know who Russell is, what stone have you been living under for the last decade? Comedian, actor, ex-junkie, author, Mr Katy Perry and all round bloody flouncy clever-clogs - a sort of rock and roll Stephen Fry - Brand is either loved or hated. And ever since the whole "Sachsgate" affair (see below) he's been HATED by pretty much anyone without a sense of humour, especially the Daily Mail! He's their anti-BBC poster boy.

Which is nonsense, because the whole "Sachsgate" thing was nonsense. Two comedians made stupid, childish remarks to an old man - it was funny at the time, no doubt: We've all been there and done that - and realised in hindsight that their comments were hurtful and ill-advised. But don't forget that the show on which this incident happened was pre-recorded and broadcast, not by Brand or Ross, but by a producer. Anyway, you all know the outcome - Brand resigned, Ross got suspended and the BBC became the Big Bad in a PC-War. Utter, utter shit. 

But there we are! That's the world we live in these days... Brand talks about this incident in some detail on Piers Morgan's show, as well as sharing information about other areas of his life - his previous addiction to drugs, alcohol and sex, his marriage to Katy Perry and the horrors of being him. All in all he comes across as a charming, intelligent and likable man. A clever, talented, funny man. An influential man with a real sense of responsibility and a razor-sharp wit. I like Russell Brand. He's a genius.