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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Um... *Speechless*

Oh. My. God. I'm crying. I'm clapping. I want to be George. I wish things were different. I love the new villains. I want more NOW! I've just watched the series three finale of Being Human and I cannot put into words just how much it has rocked my night...

Last week we watched aghast as the police closed in on Mitchell over his part in the Box Tunnel Massacre. 

Then we saw Herrick claim Nancy as his meal and the method of bringing him back to his vicious and wonderful self. We saw poor McNair killed by Herrick, a stroke of luck on Herrick's part, but nothing less than McNair himself expected. Poor, poor Tom! It was one hell of a cliffhanger ending, too, as Mitchell got his photograph taken by the police, the threat of a worldwide revelation of all things supernatural seemingly inevitable.

This third series of Being Human has been, in my opinion, the best since the show first clambered its way onto our screens... As I've said before, I don't know how this show is still on BBC Three! Tonight's finale was, if you'll excuse the melodrama, heartbreaking, breathtaking and edge-of-the-seat stuff in equal measure.

I'm doing my best to keep this little post as spoiler-free as possible, but it's been no secret that Mitchell's life has been at risk ever since Lea - who we saw again this week, bless her - told him that there was a wolf-shaped-bullet out there with his name on it!

If you've followed the series this far it's very unlikely you missed this finale. And if you did, shame on you. I haven't been as still and silent throughout a television show in ages! This show, like Doctor Who, is the perfect proof that BBC Wales makes the best drama ever. When everything came to a head in the last twenty minutes of tonight's Being Human my heart was racing and I had tears in my eyes. 

The end isn't what I expected. The story didn't take the path I'd imagined it would take. You would be forgiven for being caught completely off-guard. It really was a double (or triple [or quadruple]) bluff. 

Those "villains" we've abhorred throughout this series wiggled their way into my sympathies tonight; I never thought I'd say that! I honestly didn't believe I could ever, ever feel pity for Herrick! And here I am, wishing he was still around. Because, if the last few minutes of tonight's episode is anything to go by, we're going to fucking need him!

I thought this may have been the last we saw of our supernatural friends, but apparently not - (question mark?). One of my favourite actors has been introduced as one of the smarmiest, most threatening - yet, at the same time,  amiable - characters the show has ever seen. Let's hope they don't wait too long to push out series four! I cannot tell you how much I've loved every single second of the third series. More please. And fast!