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Sunday, 13 March 2011

And not forgetting...

And, since it's also been wonderful, you should all click here and catch up with the web-drama Becoming Human - the spin-off murder mystery featuring Being Human's teenage vampire charm-offensive Adam.

The episodes are only short and the story has enough to keep any Being Human fan hooked, as I have been. Rumour has it that the entire thing will be shown next week, in Being Human's slot on BBC Three. I urge you not to miss it... We'll find out just who murdered poor Matt and why in less than a week. It's a mystery that has gripped me as much as the parent show's storyline this year!

The cast are great. Adam, played by Submarine star Craig Roberts, is a must if the parent show needs a new vampire. The chemistry between him, George and Nina was perfect. And since the story in Being Human looks to have been ramped up somewhat in time for series four, why not bring back Werewolf Christa, played by the gorgeous Leila Mimmack and Matt, the lovable yet loveless "fat Doctor Who fan" ghost, played with more heart than a Scottish Butcher's Shop Window by Josh Brown.

I want more of this, too. What a greedy television fan I am!