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Thursday, 9 December 2010


Congratulations ITV. Now there's a phrase I wouldn't usually expect to be typing. But fair play, they deserve the praise. This week's Corrie has been great fun and great drama. It's been exciting, sad, hopeful, shocking and blubbery. I've almost shed a tear a couple of times. 

But tonight, for an hour, Corrie went LIVE! And wow. Live television is rarely good, when it's drama. It's usually especially bad when it's an Ant & Dec Saturday show... But this! It didn't feel live. It felt... like an hour long special. There were deaths, revelations and a birth. There were dastardly plots and murderous sneaking... ALL LIVE! It was blinding telly. I have nothing prepared to say about it because it's just finished and I'm typing this very post LIVE also, to keep with the spirit of tonight's show. The trouble is, since this is being written as you read it - LIVE - then, if you're a fast reader, you may just finish reading it before I finish wri