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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Happy Saturday!!

NEVER talk to strangers. That's what we're told. Except that's not right, is it? If it was, we'd never have met anyone. Friends of friends and people at parties - they're all strangers at first. Then something happens to make them more than that. 

It's happened so many times. All of my mates are strangers, or were. That's how we met. That's the point. When you're a kid the advice is good - it stops you getting hurt. Then you get old enough to know that ALL advice is wrong. 

But when you're older, the advice changes. We're told to "go for it" and "not to worry" and to "live a little" because all we have is what we've got and there's nothing else to lose. Do what YOU want. Talk to who YOU want. Break the rules. Talk to strangers. All the people I'm going to meet in the future are strangers right now. And all the people I know were strangers once! They could just be the best friends ever. God knows I think so! Happy Saturday x.