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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Your Best Corrie Moments!

So, Corrie is fifty! And what better way to celebrate this monumental event than to blow up the club and smash a tram into the bottom end of the street. 

And what a smash it was! I'm not a Corrie fan really, but I have to tune in this week almost out of a responsibility to this very blog. It's a telly event, like Doctor Who's 50th will be in a couple of years.

But what I want to know, before I write anything in detail about this week's run, is this: What are your favourite Corrie Memories? What's the earliest Corrie bit you remember? Who's your favourite character? Which storylines from the past 50 years have had you on the edge of your seat, or yawning and reaching for the remote? 

Please leave your comments below; be as scathing or as gushing as you like! Thanks :)