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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


NO! Not this Queen we have now! Although, she was hot in her day, was Liz! No. I mean our FUTURE Queen, Kate Middleton (sorry - Catherine, as I believe she will be known, formally). 

Today it was announced that she and William will marry. Next year we'll all have a day off and there'll be plates on sale. Or tea-pots. It's been all over the news and stuff - I'm watching the rolling coverage on BBC News right now; that interview where they both look really happy and she sounds posher than she used to. But you know what! She's great! She's apparently the first commoner (yeah, that's what they're saying) to marry into the Royal Family in some time! 

Now, I'm not a Royalist. Far from it! I think they're a waste of time and money - if I'm honest. But William is the "good one"; so's Harry, but he's the "one you'd have a pint and probably end up breaking into your old primary school at 3am with" Royal. Wills, though! He's a bit bumbling, like his dad, but you can see how happy he and Kate are together. They're both smiley and giggly and joke about together (Will is a very funny bloke, you know!). Honest! He's sarcastic and witty and very dry! An intelligent man, too! They really suit each other.

She's pretty and classy and prone to flashing her arse at the boys apparently, so say her Uni mates. She's not that much of a snob, thankfully; she's got a great smile and looks a bit like Katie Holmes. The point is - the reason for this post - I'm unusually happy about this. I honestly wish them all the best. I'm sure she'll make a beautiful bride. She's the sort of girl - millions or not - that I'd go for. Long, dark hair, boots and tights, winter coats and all pretty cutesy smiles. She's a bit shy but clearly has a proper sense of fun! 

Oh God. Listen to me. Going on and on... I'm sorry. I'm not gushing, honest. I just wanted to know if it was okay for me to fancy a future monarch. I believe the pictures, the interviews and 'that video' of her getting into the cab outside that nightclub with her mates that time all put my mind at ease...

To Kate and Wills! *clink*