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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Well, well, well! FOURTH week in the bottom two and we all would have been forgiven for thinking that it was the last we would ever see of Katie Waissel. She was up against The King Of Pain, Aiden "The Chain-Stand" Grimshaw. He might have a bunch of comical additions to his name, but not even his pretty-good version of Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House was enough to save him from the chop.

Katie sang a Christina Aguilera song apparently, something called Save Me From Myself, which we did. And I have to say it was the best vocal I think she has ever given. Both performances in the sing-off were pretty impressive. I enjoyed both. But it was clear from the reaction the judges gave (regardless of how they voted) just who they thought had done best. 

You could see Simon mouth the words "Bloody hell!" when Katie finished singing, he was wide-eyed and I knew before he spoke who he'd keep in. So, it went to Deadlock because Louis is a coward/fancies Aiden. And when it was revealed that Aiden would be leaving the poor guy was almost in tears. In his post-"your-out" interview with Dermot he said that a friend of his had seen, leaked on Twitter, that he was placed third from the bottom, vote-wise. So many on Twitter cry FIX. Idiots, all. Honestly, don't speak to me.

As a very good friend said, just moments ago: "1) The X Factor is not a "fix". If you think it is, ring OFCOM if you're middle class or even SFO. Fraud is illegal.", "2) If anyone is a "joke" it's the British public who voted to keep Wagner in, and didn't vote for Aiden.", 3) Simon Cowell is not "only interested in money", he doesn't have power to control how people vote." and "4) I'd give Katie one." 

- I couldn't have put it better myself...