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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

'Children In Need' Needs You This Friday!!

This Friday, 19th November 2010, sees the BBC put on its most anticipated night of entertainment and fund-raising: Children In Need 2010. The channel turns charity for a mish-mash of music, sketches, appeals and special guests. I've always, always supported Children In Need. It's "my charity" if you will... It does very important things for some of the oft-forgotten children, kids who need help.

Not only has this yearly event helped thousands, maybe millions of vulnerable children in the years it has been happening, but it's also given us - the people with the cash - some of the greatest and most memorable performances from some of the country's most talented - and most untalented - people. From Peter Kay's All-Star Animated Band, to the Newsreaders' take on Rocky Horror, to the almost-most-exciting-of-all Doctor Who bits Children In Need never fails to entertain, to make you laugh - sometimes even when you're not meant to! But it's all to get you to DONATE!

It's not a lot of money, £5. Yes, I know we're all hard-up because of the Tories, but I reckon even they will dig into their dark hearts and find a modicum of empathy for these kids. You're not going to let them get the upper hand, are you? Thought not!! :)

It's a fiver. It's two pints in your local and not even two in Cardiff or any other big city. I'll be throwing my fiver on the pile; I don't have more to give this year unfortunately, but as Mary Byrne will surely tell you, "Every Little Helps!" - who knows?! You might even feel better for it. I'm damn certain the kids on the receiving end will! Or, go to the pub, come home pissed and give £50! I've done that before now too! And I didn't feel so good in the morning physically, but I felt that the night of booze and bathroom-floor-sleep was worth it!

For more information on Children In Need; ways you can help out, raise money or donate any amount you possibly can; for a run-down of what to expect this year on the telly; for news on what's happening in your area this week, please, PLEASE visit and do your bit

Oh, but before you do, have a look at this: My favourite ever Children In Need performance from the Children In Need Rocks The Albert Hall concert last year, it's just perfect! I'd love to know your favourite Children In Need moments in the comments below!

The numbers in the corner of the video may not be right, so use the website to donate!