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Thursday, 15 December 2011


Tom Hollander is a genius. Whether portraying Cutler Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean or Cal "The Fucker" Richards in The Thick Of It (or Simon Foster in In The Loop) he always shines. He's one of the most believable comedy actors of modern times - all this in my opinion, of course.

But I think it is in Rev. on BBC Two that he shines brightest. For the uninitiated Rev. is about a rural C of E Priest who finds himself becoming the vicar of a run-down, eccentric inner-city London church. And it's that simple - it's a bit like an urban Vicar of Dibley but more relevant and without the horrible laugh track. It's sometimes dark, sometimes sweet and always very enjoyable. This is a "sitcom" that just happens to be about a religious man and his work. There's very little in this that could be called cruel; nothing that would really offend believers or non-believers.

It's on its second series at the moment and I completely missed the first series. Indeed, this second run is nearing the end (or may have already finished) but I urge you now, if you haven't seen it, dig it out from somewhere! I will be. I have to see the first series because this gentle comedy drama is not only a lovely change from today's "edgy take on religion" that so many favour; it's also very often beautifully told.

Hollander is great in the lead and Olivia Colman is wonderful as his wife. Miles Jupp also shows his face and in my book that's an instant plus.