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Saturday, 17 December 2011

It's A Small World (On Twitter)

On September 15th 2011, while staying with my girlfriend @tlchimera in Chichester, I took it upon myself to make a book purchase - an already exciting thing to me - a little more interesting. The book I was buying was @gracedent's 'How To Leave Twitter'. I'd wanted the book for ages so bought it. 

Being a nerd of epic proportions when it came to Twitter - and being one to never miss an opportunity to mingle with the like-minded - I popped a note (pictured) into a copy of the very same book a little deeper into the shelf. 

I didn't think anything of it, "since," thought I, "nobody will answer anyway!" but it was worth a try. It wasn't a pathetic attempt to up my number of Followers, more an experiment to see a) how long it would take to get found and b) whether the instruction would be followed. I wasn't hopeful. But my reasoning was thus: A person buying a book called 'How To Leave Twitter' would very probably be someone who uses Twitter regularly. That someone would then probably relish the thought of "something weird happening" like this.

But who'd have thought it could be so weird?! One of my long-time followers/followees (and a bloody nice chap) @fazzinchi Tweeted the following today: 

 Small World! I *know* , the guy who wrote the note! He's one of Twitter's finest! Gareth - 's been found

And so I got digging. It turns out that my note - as you see above - was found and that the person who found it was a friend of a friend. What a small world it is! Now, I shall plant more and more notes in more and more books that are Twitter-related in the hope of gathering a "viral crowd" - I may even start a brand new Twitter account for this very purpose. Watch this space...

(How To Leave Twitter by Grace Dent is one of the finest books you'll read. A must for every Tweeter. Click here to buy it!)