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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Let's Kill Hitler! ☨

Right. Before I begin I must apologise for the lack of detail in this post. Let's Kill Hitler - the opening episode to Doctor Who Series 6, part two - is the sort of episode which would suffer from the reveal of "moments" or "events"... And there are plenty of great "moments" in this one!* 

One more thing I can tell you is that this one asks as many questions as it answers*, something that we've come to expect from Mr Moffat's writing. And the story kicks off in amazing style, with Amy and Rory "calling" the Doctor back to Earth to check on the progress he's making (or maybe not making?) in his search for baby Melody (who is, you'll remember, River Song as well as Amy and Rory's daughter). The episode sees the Doctor bumping into Adolf Hitler in 1938 and so begins a rip-roaring adventure full of twists and turns as well as the odd touching moment too*. 

I wish I could tell you more but I cannot. I am sorry. But we only have 11 days to wait until the TARDIS crashes into our living rooms once more and you can be sure* that it will be another wonderful six weeks of breathtaking drama, heartbreak and ALIENS! Oh, and we might just find out what that "Astronaut by the lake" stuff was all about...

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday 27th August. I'll be watching. You know you will too!

☨ I have not seen this episode.
* ...I should imagine.