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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Doctor Who Returns

We've waited long enough, don't you think? We all watched the Doctor tearing away in search of Melody Pond/River Song at the end of 'A Good Man Goes To War' and it's almost time to see where he's ended up. Of course, we all KNOW where he's ended up (or will end up) - in Berlin in 1938.

So, sure. Episode 8 is called 'Let's Kill Hitler' but what else are we to expect in the weeks to come? Well... More River Song, for starters. It seems this is her series. And there are other familiar faces - friendly and not so friendly - popping up along the way, including Craig Owens, Winston Churchill, Young Amelia Pond - together with a Young Rory Williams, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Silence, our Astronaut buddy, etc. There is even word of an appearance by the Daleks, despite most people's (including the media's) stupid decision to believe Moffat when he said he was resting them.

And then there's the new; creepy toys, murderous robots, killer mythical beasts in cosy-yet-confusing hotels (shifting rooms and endless winding corridors - a labyrinth, if you will). And a brand new coat. There's lots to look forward to - hopefully including a decent and satisfying conclusion to the... um... countless story threads that have all been running since - basically - the start of Series Five. I have enough faith in Steven Moffat and the rest of the production crew to deliver an ending that will not only answer (most of) the questions that are as yet unanswered, but also to ask a couple more to keep us going forward. I think this is a good thing. Others think otherwise. But, whatever happens, Doctor Who is back! And that'll do me!

We have only one week to wait. One week today (and at 7.20pm, thankfully, for all those "boo hoo any time before 7pm will result in ZERO viewers" lot among you) the Doctor gets back in his box and brings us with him on his search for Melody Pond. I've got my torch, I've got my sweets, I've got a map of the universe, I'm ready. Are you?