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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Guess Who's Back One Week From Today!

I remember more than one year ago I was working in a restaurant. It was Saturday and I was due to finish at 5pm. I wanted to rush home to see the first episode of a new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - a new Doctor, a new companion. 

As I rushed breathlessly home, through many of the streets that the very episode that I was rushing home to see was filmed on, I had a thought: It feels like just the other day that I was doing this very same thing; rushing home to see David Tennant kick off his last run as the Doctor in the Easter Special, Planet Of The Dead. 

Now it's a year later, more than that, and I'm once again waiting patiently for the start of a new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - no longer the new kids. But last year I didn't make it. Last year I missed the pre-title sequence and the new opening credits. I was angry. So this year I've assured I won't miss a single second of the Series Six opener, The Impossible Astronaut, by doing something rash. I'm starting my wait now, one week early.

I'm sat here, with an apocalypse-surviving-bunker's worth of snack food and sparkling mineral water, tv tuned to BBC One. Okay, that's a lie. But it's no lie that, in one week's time, we'll all be sitting silently, watching Amy Pond and her husband Rory, along with old friend River Song, as they track through the sands of Utah to reach a meeting point, there to find the Doctor once more.

And so begins what promises to be the most exciting - definitely most eagerly anticipated - series of Doctor Who since the show's monumental regeneration in 2005. Brand new locations, brand new friends, brand new, terrifying enemies... We've been promised that Series Six Episodes One and Two will see one of our heroes die. 

Leaks abound on spoiler sites the web over as to who this is - there are incredibly detailed summaries of the entire two-part opener, including a mind-blowing cliffhanger or two. But don't go searching... Sit down at 5.58pm on Saturday 23rd April - one week from now - and watch aghast as Doctor Who goes to America!! Don't spoil yourselves before then, this is an opener that will blow your cock off!