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Monday, 7 March 2011

Oh My God!! - Being Human (Contains Spoilers)

Poor, poor Nina. Poor, poor George. Poor, poor Annie. Poor, poor Mitchel. Which one of these statements is the most valid? Well, based on her previous behaviour - anonymously reporting Mitchel - probably not "poor Nina". And since Mitchel is a mass murderer who really deserves to be punished, probably not poor him! As for George, he just walked away from his pregnant girlfriend, leaving her to the mercy of the newly reinvigorated Herrick, so probably not poor him either - although he didn't know what would happen.

The last fifteen minutes of Sunday's penultimate episode of Being Human was utterly edge-of-the-seat stuff. I was breathless. I almost cried when Nina was stabbed by Herrick. I've turned against Mitchel though agree with George that a reveal of the Supernatural World would be an awful thing...

It seems the only people we should genuinely feel sorry for in all of this is Annie and Nancy - though I fear Herrick may have recruited himself another apprentice there. Also, we can feel sorry for McNair and Thomas - although McNair was about to off Mitchel, too, so there really is a morally blurred line through this series.

Bottom line is, the third series of Being Human has been utterly outstanding television. Why this is still on BBC Three is a mystery. The drama has been ramped up to heartbreaking levels. I literally cannot see where this will all end. There's one episode left and I don't think it'll end well for anyone! So much so, in fact, that I've been thinking about this. The following is JUST a personal prediction. I don't know anything at all for sure, but this is what I believe will happen...

George arrives at the police station to find everyone dead and Mitchel about to leave. They run home. They find the rest of the dead officers and Nina. She's alive so they rush her to hospital. Mitchel wants to know Herrick's secret but Herrick wants more than ever before to take control. I believe the "Wolf Shaped Bullet" that will finally end Mitchel's reign will be none other than poor George.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to find out what's to come. Not long to go now. But the sad thing is, this could very well be the last we see of these particular characters. A horrible thought that's disappointment is only offset by the knowledge that Matt, Adam and Christa from Becoming Human are more than worthy contenders for places in the parent show, should it continue.