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Sunday, 6 March 2011

24 Hour Panel People - Comic Relief 2011

Between midday yesterday and midday today comedian David Walliams has undergone yet another endurance challenge for Comic Relief. He's already swum the Channel and cycled the length and breadth of the country, all for charity, and in the aforementioned 24 hour period he sat on more panel shows than anyone thought possible. 

24 Hour Panel People for Comic Relief brought together some of the best British comedy performers and actors to appear on some of the nation's favourite panel shows - even resurrecting some old favourites such as Give Us A Clue, Blankety Blank and Call My Bluff - alongside Mr Walliams. It was a hard task to watch this - it was streamed live online for the whole 24 hours, allowing audiences a glimpse of what the shows are like before they're chopped up and re-edited. I managed to watch for about 9 hours. A friend of mine watched the whole bloody thing... I am proud of her! But the 9 or so hours I saw were enough for me to feel safe in the knowledge that this country can still boast that it has the best comedians in the world!

So here are a few you should look up:

Daniel Kitson
Josie Long
Laura Carr
Alex Horne
Kevin Eldon
Tim Key
'We Are Klang'

There are so many more, but these are the ones that people tend to not know about...

One final request; since 24 Hour Panel People was for Comic Relief and was great, I urge you to donate to the charity by visiting Also, check out the rest of that site for more info on what is happening on TV and in your area for Comic Relief on March 18th.