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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Not Much Longer To Wait! Thank God!

We all waited long enough between the end of Series Five and the Doctor Who Christmas Special... It seemed like it took forever to arrive. The waits between series has become as frightening a thought as many of the monsters that appear in the show. And the wait for Series Six - knowing we're in for a treat, if the trailer is anything to go by - has seemed even longer.

But the wait is almost over! April 23rd sees the return of our favourite Time Lord in the first part of what promises to be an epic opening two-parter, simulcast on BBC America. 

It sees our heroes in America where they once again team up with the mysterious River Song to battle aliens, government agents and take a trip to the Oval Office! The footage from Utah, where the opener was filmed, looks breathtakingly good. The opening two-parter looks as though it will be a very important first bookend to the split-series - the second half of the series airing in Autumn. 

It feels as though we haven't seen this show on our screens in months and months and months, when in reality it was only Christmas! It's the wait between "halves" of this series that's going to be the killer... Just a good job the new series of Torchwood, Miracle Day, will help ease the pain by popping up on TV this summer. What a year of TV we have to come! I cannot wait!