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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fast And Loose (BBC)

You know what I hate? I hate laughing. I hate anything funny. I despise the idea of being entertained by comedy performers. Especially on a Friday night. I'd much prefer a dull and repetitive rehash of Mock The Week's Scenes We'd Like To See crossed with a banally unchanged rip-off of Who's Line Is It Anyway? - which is lucky, since last night that's exactly what I was given. Imagine my surprise when Fast And Loose landed on my tellybox.

Except for the final game, Side Ways Scenes, in which the participants had to  perform improvised sketches whilst lying on the ground, so that the footage, when shot from above looks funny and unusual, it was poor. But even this is a gag that will get very old very quickly. All in all, the show was largely a pile of liquid shit - presumably this is what the title is describing. And for accuracy there, at least, it gets full marks. I like comedy and enjoy nothing more than laughing like a drain at the best Britain has to offer. And, to be fair to almost everyone who appears on this show - Greg Davies, Marek Larwood, Hugh Dennis... - they're all really talented comedians! So who coerced them into taking part in this steaming excrement?! I cannot state strongly enough just how awful this show really is.

Honestly, it's not good. It's on iPlayer and usually I'd post a link but I can't even bring myself to do that. It's fucking awful! Don't waste your time... Watch some classic We Are Klang instead (Greg Davies, Marek Larwood and Steve Hall's brilliant comedy team) - here's a wonderful live bit from a while back: