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Monday, 31 January 2011

Becoming More Involved

BBC Three's supernatural comedy/drama 'Being Human' is well and truly back on our screens! Last week Annie was rescued from purgatory by Mitchell (with the help of Lea, played with gusto by Lacey Turner) and this week our favourite monsters helped a young vampire, Adam, come to terms with having to deal with his condition without his "food-supply" dad. We've had some really interesting characters already this series - and we're only two episodes in! - like the Werewolf Family from last week, who I've lovingly nicknamed The Greens. We've also been given the groundwork for a chilling series arc - Mitchell's prophesied end at the hands of a Werewolf, but will it come true? 

One other mystery (and several other great characters) happen away from the BBC Three show, however. Adam's story from this week's Being Human is carried on in the web-series 'Becoming Human' (episode 1 here), 12 minute episodes following the mystery of how Matt Bolton died. 

The characters are teens (again, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost) who are struggling to come to terms with their own 'supernatural' existence as much as they are struggling to just be a teenager in a Comprehensive School today. The characters are slick and interesting, youthful and fun. They instantly grab your attention - especially the fantastic Adam (the brilliant Craig Roberts), a cheeky and charming 46-year-old vampire condemned to live in the body of a 16-year-old boy. Together, it seems, the three will spend the web-series getting to the bottom of just how poor "Fat Matt" died. Was he killed? Was it an accident? Does it have anything to do with eggs?! If you want to find out more for yourself, go here and catch up on the mystery now!

Wherever the series goes from here, the characters alone should make it a very worthy sacrifice of twelve minutes of your time. So, that's almost an hour and a quarter of Be(com)ing Human that we get to enjoy every week! BBC, you are spoiling us! I love Being Human and Becoming Human looks to be just as much of an experience! I have a horrible feeling I'm about to fall in love with these characters in a big way! Brilliant stuff! But, does this mean we're looking at a Skins-style character revamp (pardon the pun) for series four of the main show? I don't think I could do without my weekly fix of George.

Don't miss Being Human, Sunday Nights, 9pm on BBC Three (catch up on iPlayer now) and Becoming Human online at the link above soon after the parent show airs.