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Saturday, 27 November 2010


Firstly, no. No, Louis, don't do that! Don't ruin a classic rock song by the best band of recent times by giving it to that prick... Please! I cannot believe that, on Rock Night, they gave Wagner one of my favourite songs ever, Creep by Radiohead. When the intro played I was literally hiding my face. I was bracing myself to never be able to listen to the song again...

...And then he started singing... 

And do you know what? He wasn't that bad! Okay, he was no Thom York. But then again, there aren't many who can do it like Thom out there being actual recording artists, so that's not really a valid criticism.

Wagner sang the song in time, in tune and without distraction. It was, for want of a more stomachable phrase, not bad really! I do not think, though Louis, that Thom York would "like that version"... Not at all. And there seemed to be a string of those sorts of comments coming from Louis this week; "[original artist] would have loved that version!" - presumably, he's saying this because he doesn't have a little fat black man to poke fun of any longer. 

But, you know what? I'm writing this before the show's even half over! So come back tomorrow for my full opinions on tonight's show and tomorrow's result! OOH! Katie's singing Sex On Fire!!! Gotta go!!