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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Two Exits And An Alternative For The Haters

Double elimination tonight, wasn't it? I forgot all about that! When Dermot came out to read the names off his card, to tell us who we've all voted to stay, there was a kind of hush all over the world. Cher went through, Matt went through, Rebecca went through, One Direction went through...

That left the Predictable Three, as I've taken to calling them. Katie, Mary and WAGNER! Katie didn't have a good week and knew her time was up. She took the kicking with grace and showed that, although she wasn't happy to be going, she's been lucky to last this long since the public hate her so much. I don't hate her. I thought she was great.

But she got the fewest number of votes so had to go. Leaving both of Louis's acts. WAGNER came first and sang Unforgettable, which he blatantly is. It was, if you ask me, the best performance he's given in the whole competition. But it was clear that if he were to ever hit the Bottom Two then he'd be leaving. So, Mary singing the same old shit in the same old way, messing it up by singing the same old verse twice and not really very well, in the same old clothes with the same old power... what was the point? I'm going to be controversial: Wagner was better than she was in that sing-off.

But, Mary survived. Katie and Wagner are no more; we have to live with that as we go into the last couple of weeks. So here are my predictions for the final. Firstly, I would LIKE to see Cher, Matt and One Direction get there, with Cher winning. I THINK it'll be more like Rebecca, Matt and One Direction, and do you know what? I think One Direction could just do it!

But imagine this: Mary (or any one of them) wins, they releases the winners' single (do we know what that's going to be yet?) and it flops. Through some strange and near-impossible feat Tim Minchin's 'White Wine In The Sun' hits the top spot for Christmas, giving us a Christmas Song for No1 for the first time in ages! A nice, happy, funny, heart-warming song that you can imagine playing on Christmas Eve when you're a bit pissed... It's a result that means that all those who want to stick the boot into Cowell can now do so, even though their prophet has been kicked off the show. It's a result that means for two years in a row The X Factor misses out on the top spot, yet still hits number 2. That's good enough, right? It does well enough for Cowell to see that the public's wants have changed in recent years, for whatever reason, and that there's nothing wrong with not getting the top spot when the next one down makes just as much cash for him! Music wins. We all win. It's a happy thing, not a nasty grudge-buy like Killing In The Name Of was...

Here's the song, along with a link to the iTunes page where you can buy it. So, let's do this?

--- Buy it HERE! ---