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Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's Just Not Funny Any More!

Tonight we lost a great talent. We should have lost a sad, talentless old man. Wagner is still there and it's just not funny any more. In the first few weeks it was a "ha ha look at this silly showman" thing and there was an element of charm to the whole thing. That charm is gone. And it's not Wagner's fault. It's the fault of the cretins who think it's funny to keep him in. 

The man has been given chance after chance when he shouldn't have even been there in the first place. He's never been in the bottom two and I think it's disgusting. He has no talent and no hope of a future in the record business. In case you haven't noticed, this is not a funny X Factor post. I'm being serious.

Since the whole "Anti X Factor" thing last Christmas which saw "Killing In The Name Of" hit the festive top spot, there's been a mob mentality online that means now nothing is serious any longer. But the most recent plebeian shits to organise a "revolt" against the powers-that-be have missed the point completely. There is a campaign on Facebook with almost 30,000 supporters who are asking for Wagner to win the show. THAT'S STILL THE SHOW WINNING YOU PRICKS! I mean, how stupid can you possibly be?! If you vote Wagner to win it means that he'll get paid millions to make records; it means that nothing we've seen on the show this year has meant anything at all; it means that your dreaded "Corporate Music Nazis" who run The X Factor are also counting their millions. You're not rebelling. You're simply supporting, but with no talent at the end!

There's a strange set of rules that seem to apply to the show this year. Something that means X Factor contestants are automatically the enemy to music. Some are, no doubt. But there are also SOME great singers there. Two of those singers were in the bottom two tonight.

And it's all because a joke has gone too far. In the enlightened words of Matt Cardle, "There are lots of funny twists and turns on this show; some of them simply aren't funny any more!" Not that it really matters, right losers? I mean, if any of these contestants are really any good then they'll get the record deals they deserve, right? And they'll have a career and all the flash shit that comes with it, right? And Wagner, having won A MILLION POUND RECORD DEAL will release a croaky shit version of whatever whiny, sentimental "winners' song" they choose this year and disappear into obscurity. WELL DONE! GOOD JOB! What the fuck does that achieve? Nothing. You're all idiots.

This group, here, has gained almost 3000 members since I began writing this post. Which is shit. I want to splatter the page with abuse and tell each and every cock-end on there that they are making a mockery of their own campaign - it's backfiring you wankers! However, I can't do that - because to do that I would have to join the group. I will not do that. So, I'll say it here: You're all idiots. You're wasting your money and your time and seriously trying the nation's patience, now. Fuckwits!

Okay - let's bring this down to basics; this is not a serious issue. It's a television programme about singers. It's not really that important to me. But, to some, it is. Shame that those people are either not voting for who they like or voting for Wagner, for a laugh. Read the title of this post again. IDIOTS! I don't like to sound like a dick here, but I'm more intelligent than to think that ANY act of rebellion or show of moral obligation will sink this show. I'm watching it, I'm enjoying it for what it is, it's not the end of my world. But, you know what? It's boring now. Wagner needs to leave. Then the competition can continue for real. Get the loser out so we can find the winner. Now, piss off.