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Sunday, 3 October 2010

The X Factor - My Final Twelve In Order

That's it. All the pre-recorded shows are over and now we take control. From next week onward only us, the viewing public, have the power to pick a winner. Whatever you're into, there should be something in here to suit you. The groups, for once, are all great. The girls and boys - no matter how controversial the choices - are incredibly talented and the over 28's... have Storm Lee in them. So here are my favourite six, in order, starting with the act I like most... 


Without doubt the only "Star" in the true, old-fashioned sense of the word, in the final 12. There's something very "80s Front Man" about him. He conjours up an image of flashing lights and loud electric guitar riffs - and lots of warm beer. I'd buy a ticket to see his show NOW. So if he wins - and I think he's in with a chance - then he'll be huge. All I can say is good luck mate. I'm backing you all the way.


Matt, Matt, Matt... What can I say? The only X Factor performance to ever make me cry was his Bootcamp rendition of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. He can sing, he's unassuming. He's got that rough "I'm just me" look about him and I hope to God they don't "clean him up" too much for the live shows. As he is, he's going to go far. Maybe even our winner here, folks...


Bonkers. Lovely. Talented and very, very likeable. But she is a Marmite act... She'll either stay for weeks and weeks, or be out in week two. Either way, she's made. Expect "driving in a car in black and white while singing" music videos from here soon. And another thing... those eyelashes? HOT! I thought, anyway. Now all she has to do is NOT fuck it up, like she has in EVERY audition so far.


They look like a boy band, they sound like a boy band. They are the ultimate Boy Band. Five very talented, very likeable, very gracious and most of all VERY MARKETABLE lads who, I think, have what it takes to become a mainstay in the UK charts. And with Cowell as a mentor there's not really a long list of mistakes they're gonna be allowed to make to mess it up! 


Attitude, talent, looks, maturity, stage presence, a sore throat - Cher Lloyd has got it all! And despite messing up a bit (a lot) at Judge's Houses she is probably the most unconventional X Factor contestant the show has ever seen. Hip Hop Honey she is! And I don't think there was a doubt in anyone's mind that, with Cheryl as a mentor, she'd make the live shows. Now to see her shake her stuff LIVE next week. Great!


Damn, she's cute. She so quiet and clearly a decent girl... She's the best dressed and styled of all the contestants by a country mile and she has the voice of an angel! But... But... I don't know... There's something not quite working here... I don't know what it is... She has the lot. But I don't think she has what we're really looking for here - The X Factor. She's great and everything, but I don't think we'll be seeing too much of her.

Now let's see where this goes!! More X Factor EVERY WEEKEND UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Right here.