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Monday, 18 October 2010

The X Factor - Live Show 2

This week's X Factor was great. Some of the performances were iffy, but it was still great! And I noticed some things which we'll come onto in a bit. But first, the eliminated acts - Storm and Diva Fever. I thought both were better than Belle Ami, although neither as hot. I was sad to see both acts go. I like Storm because he's honest and a bit needy. And Diva Fever are just so much fun! Alas, they're gone. No more to be seen prancing on that over-expensive, over-designed, over-lit "stage". And I'm sad.

But a couple of things that were either noticed by myself or pointed out on Twitter made me smile - and, for a minute - forget the terrible result. I speak of the age-old phenomenon of the "celebrity lookalike". 

Ladies and gentlemen, am I the only one who sees something other than "gorgeous, sexy teen with an attitude" when I look at Cher Lloyd? She has a face like Father Jack! Or a stroke victim's O-Face. DON'T JUDGE ME! You all see the resemblance now too! Admit it! 

Her rapping, though is awesome. She's not got the best singing voice really, but she certainly knows how to put on a show. She's already a superstar in my eyes. She doesn't need to win to be this series' success story. Cher Lloyd is the future of British pop. She's rare. And there's another act who is very rare too. Aiden Grimshaw is rare. Even though he had a terrible show on Saturday - his vocal was difficult to listen to, since the song he sang could have been the making of him. It could have been his ticket to the finals...

Someone else who is almost certain to make it to the final show is Matt Cardle, hilariously compared - on Twitter - to "a thin Johnny Vegas". ONCE AGAIN! YOU SEE IT TOO! RIGHT?! 

He has the voice of an angel! Matt, I mean, not Johnny Vegas. His song choices are not the greatest in my opinion, but he sings every song he gets with such emotion and authenticity that you cannot help but forget every other act while he's on... Oh, and there's John Adeleyeyeyeyeyeyeye who, lets face it, we ALL forget about before, during and after his performance. Lovely voice but there is NOTHING there. Just a bland, suited ballad-horn. And I blame Louis. I also blame Louis for Storm's departure, since Storm Lee has a great rock-n-roll voice and the commitment to go all the way. But he's been portrayed as a "School-of-Rock" style "rockstaaaah" - which he isn't, really...

It's a shame. Next week, things had better get more real or I'll be writing a letter addressed to ITV's X Factor Judge, Louis Walsh, to tell him he's a scheming, OTT toss-pot who needs to stop that sideways glance at the camera a split second before he gives his judicial opinion. I probably won't post it though.