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Saturday, 23 October 2010

The King Of Wishful Thinking - The Eighth Doctor's New Clothes

A warning before I go on; the following post is probably based on next-to-nothing and is entirely composed of wishes and join-the-dot logic which will make your windmill picture look like a parrot. So if you read on, please don't judge me as "another bloody fan-boy wishing for things that will never come", even though that is just what I am.

This video, posted by a fellow Twitter-user this afternoon, shows an appearance at a New Zealand con of some sort, of the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. The most underrated, under-appreciated, under-seen Doctor we've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

The host talks about a design decision to update the Eighth Doctor's costume, bringing more up to date with his most recent counterparts. Whether this is just a line to introduce the man himself - who, we know, has a thing for the leather jacket and jeans look in real life - or something more serious is anybody's guess. But the inclusion of this Sonic Screwdriver prop lends an element of credibility to the whole thing. How much like the "new Doctor's" screwdriver does this look? Maybe that's where he gets it! All the others have them, so now Eight wants a new one too. TARDIS provides!

Now, I watched this with dread, as I like the Eighth Doctor's costume. It's flashy and eccentric and suits him. But when this new look was revealed I had a bit of a funny turn! There can be no question in anyone's mind that this is as close to the battered naval leathers of the Ninth Doctor as you can get without reusing the thing! It's a naval-style leather jacket, only unbattered! I know, they do photo shoots for the audio series probably more frequently than they do for the telly show, but - and this is where you have to bear with me, for now I lean into fanwank territory - what if...

In a couple of years' time Doctor Who will celebrate its 50th Birthday. A time-honoured tradition is to mark each big day with a special, usually featuring a number of previous incarnations. WHAT IF this "ongoing work in progress" is more than just "a new jacket and a new Sonic prop" and is actually a "how would you like it if..." audition of the new clothes in prep for something bigger? I know. 

It's unlikely, but just think. McGann back on the telly, as the Doctor, "running, fighting and saving the world" in his leather jacket and satchel new-uniform, with Matt and Dave and Chris (maybe) at his side. If only! We all have hopes and dreams. I can think of nothing that would make me happier than a well written The Four Doctors, which would see my third favourite Doctor of all time back behind the wheel of the TARDIS! Moff, come on! You know you want to!