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Thursday, 17 November 2011

The X Factor Live Shows - Week Six

Wow! Sorry this is late but I've been a little busy in real life. But WOW! The X Factor saw a lot of drama last weekend. After Frankie left in shame it was up to us - the public - to vote back in one of our previously booted off folk. 

The show began about 12 minutes or so later than scheduled, due to power issues at BT Tower. Fair enough - the show must go on and all that... 

But it's odd, then, that the result of who would return to the show was posted on the X Factor website about 12 minutes or so before the show announced the result. No problem, if the show was recorded and shown on a slight delay, sure. But what of all the people voting up until the closing time for a returnee? 

Whatever. Quite-Hot Amelia-Lily was our favourite and rejoined The X Factor with a dazzling performance at the end of Saturday night's show. She's now bustled herself into my Favourite Three To Reach The Final, along with Marcus and either LittleMix (I hope) or Craig Colton (I think).

But it wasn't all about Amelia-Lily's return! Last week we also lost the one person I believe had been improving vastly week on week; Kitty Brucknell - which was a shame.

Sunday night saw Lady Gaga and some schoolboys performing. Gaga, particularly, was sad to see Kitty go. Running out on the stage as the result was announced, Gaga hugged Kitty - who she is said to have "taken a shine to" - and comforted her, but not before Kitty showed Misha B and the judges how Born This Way should be sung. Taking the mic from Dermot and launching into an acapella version of Gaga's hit Kitty wowed the audience and proved herself to be a stayer in the British music industry. We shall see her again, you mark my words.

It was a good week! But all of a sudden the show feels chaotic and unpredictable. Kitty and Misha B in the bottom two? Arguably the finest performances of the night. Next week is Movie Week and that is always my favourite. I like trying to guess what movie the song is from. I shall look forward to it. 

I'm backing LittleMix to win, but think it will probably be Marcus or Craig. However, Amelia-Lily has really shown that she should have been here all along and is now fresh in the minds of the voting public. Those getting bored or Craig's warbling or Marcus' jigging about, or LittleMix's consistent and exciting performances (wink) may slide their vote over to Amelia! She could win. She could. We'll see.