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Thursday, 11 August 2011

I have a Goldfish

So, yeah. I thought - since my dog sadly died last weekend - that I'd "scale down" my pet-ambitions somewhat and get myself something to keep me company.

I chose a fish called Phil, who now lives on my table (in a bowl). He's not the friendliest of fish, as you can see, with his miserable face. He doesn't like me very much either, preferring to eat his food when all is quiet than rush to the surface as soon as he's fed. 

In fact, whenever I turn my back he seems to be eating, but rushes back to his castle when I get close. Maybe he's had a "difficult past" in his homeland of Singapore. Whatever the reason, he's characteristically grumpy and his "fish face" scowl is comical. I thought I'd share him with you, anyway. Everyone, this is Phil. Phil, this is everyone! :)