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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Altogether Now! 'DUH, Du-duh Du-duh Du-duh duh, DUH! Du-duh Du-duh Daaah!' The Apprentice Is BACK!!!

Yes. It's back! Everyone's favourite Schadenfreude-fix is on our screens once again. And as usual, Lord Sugar (I'll call him Alan) has a boardroom full of dicks. Well, not FULL, but almost full. There's no fun anymore in chirping about the idiots; there are far too many of them, they all blend into each other after a while, so I've decided to be as positive as possible in this post. I'm going to talk about my favourites.

First of all, my absolute favourite - an opinion based on nothing but the fact that he's a nerd - Thomas. Tom is, as far as anyone can tell, an inventor (though his idea for a mobile phone app that "is... traffic lights, just traffic lights" makes you wonder what on Earth he's invented that's any good! [A quick Google search reveals he invented the world's first curved nail file?! Whatever]). But he's funny and geeky and seems a really nice bloke. I can imagine going for a beer with him and coming up with some stupidly useless gadget for the home - something he has the skills to make a reality! I'm watching him closely, he could be our winner.

Then there's Susan Ma. She's young, she's cute, she's able but she's also clumsy and clunky with it. She's the most watchable of all the female candidates. Her explanation of a brilliant idea she had for an app was nothing short of astoundingly cringe-worthy. 

But she's nice! She's been shouted down by that horrible woman who thinks she's the best because she's (probably) the oldest. I feel a little protective over Susan. Which is silly, because she's more than capable of speaking up for herself! I think, like Tom, she's going to be here for a long while yet. I'm already picking out favourites and my approval usually acts as a mark of death. I hope I haven't put a jinx on these "favourites" of mine...

Although, even if I HAVE, it would hardly matter to Jim the Jedi. It would seem he has taken the title of Only Candidate Ever To Tell His Project Manager Not To Choose Him For The Bottom Three And Have The Project Manager Listen With No Argument Despite Him Already Having Chosen Him Before. It's a long title, sure. But it's an important one. Jim's mantra of "a box of green peppers, six onions" is one I'll try out the next time I'm bartering over fruit. I think Jim is, ultimately, the one most likely to win so far. He has charm and ability, he is able to take control when it's needed of him, as he did many times during this week's shows, and he is, again, a lovely bloke. I already like the candidates this year, even though I don't know most of them by name yet. I'm hooked though, so it's only a matter of time.