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Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Impossible Astronaut: A Few Pre-Review Comments

Well, what did we all think of that?! Personally, I loved every nail-biting second. I will be reviewing the whole episode tomorrow (after a couple more viewings tonight, even though I've seen it three times already) and that review should be up on this blog before tomorrow night.

But I want to throw a few words around in a more "casual" way. The following post contains spoilers for The Impossible Astronaut, so if you haven't seen it yet, you'd best STOP READING NOW!

First off, that death scene at the lake? WONDERFUL! Secondly, the Rory/River conversation in the tunnels? PERFECT! Thirdly, the banter between River and the Doctor, between Rory and Amy and between Canton and everyone was simply magical!

Ah, Canton Everett Delaware III! Without doubt my favourite supporting character in Doctor Who for ages! He is witty, charming, a bit of a maverick... He's wonderful! I wish there had been more of him, though - since it seems that he's bound to play a pretty important role in the Doctor's life and death (he already has, on-screen) then it's only fair that he gets the recognition! He's amazing. I can't heap enough praise on Mark Sheppard as an actor and the character himself for being just... just... fucking cool! I would welcome him back, as a regular guest star - like Alex Kingston is, or John Barrowman was - with open arms!

I'm a Canton Everett Delaware III fan, for sure!