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Saturday, 9 April 2011


If you like Green Wing then why the hell would you have missed Campus on Channel 4 (Tuesdays)? The first episode of this surreal and unsettling comedy starring the wonderful Andy Nyman took me by surprise. It's instantly recognisable as a deformed second-cousin to Green Wing, but it's... quieter. 

The basics are there, even almost-carbon-copies of characters - office-dweller Jonty is the Sue White of the show. Then you've got a Caroline (desired but frumpy), a Guy (all about sex, obviously going to redeem himself), a gang of "office girls" and so on.

But it's a great little show in its own right. Set in fictional Kirke University, it follows a cast of characters throughout their day - staff and pupils - and is filled with enough filth and funnies to keep even the most staunch non-laugher spit their instant coffee across their beige 'TV room'. And I have a feeling that the opening episode is just that, an opener. It was a real "getting to know you" episode with a trickle of story in the background. It introduced all of the staff wonderfully - I think I'm in love with Maths Lecturer Imogen.

But it's not a patch on Green Wing - not for me anyway, not yet. I'll keep watching because all the ingredients are right, they just need a week or two of mixing. It's great, great fun. Worth a watch, definitely.