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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Monroe (ITV)

James Nesbitt is back on our screens on Thursday in a brand new series for ITV, Monroe. It was commissioned as part of the drama season created to replace long-running favourite The Bill.

The series follows Gabriel Monroe, a charming and charismatic neurosurgeon. It's a medical drama, but with the emphasis on the relationships between the staff and the patients, the effect that different illnesses have on family members and the dynamic in the operating room.

Jimmy Nesbitt is good in almost everything he's in. Although I don't like medical dramas usually - which is strange since I love comedy-drama Green Wing - I think I'll be giving this one a go. I've only seen a few trailers for the series and must say that what I've seen I like. If it's any good - or if it's a load of shit - I'll throw a review up on here this weekend. If it's just "alright" I won't bother. Nobody wants to read about a bloody mediocre show, do they? No.

So, yeah. ITV1 (still can't get used to putting that "1" on the end, there) at 9pm on Thursday March 10th. Worth a look, I reckon!