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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Christopher And His Kind

Matt Smith, best known as the Eleventh Doctor is a bloody fine little actor! I think a lot of people forget this, writing him off an "a relatively unknown actor" - which, to most people, I suppose he is. 

But if you know your telly, if you know what to look out for, he's a valued and talented actor. And once again, in the BBC adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's memoir, 'Christopher and his Kind' Smith shines once more. Chronicling Isherwood's time in Berlin, as a gay man in the years leading up to the war, this drama - at just an hour and a half - is one of the best things to have landed on our screens in a long while. 

Once more, the BBC proves it puts out the best drama with the best actors. There isn't a bad cast member in this programme. A credit list of almost unknown faces, instantly recognisable by the strength of their performances in this and other shows. Oh, and Lindsay Duncan. She's in it too, also brilliant.

It's quite a leap from what we usually see Smith doing - but since we usually see him running through time and space fighting monsters and aliens, that's hardly surprising. This is an intelligent, adult, heartbreaking tale - and true. Well worth an hour and a half of anyone's life. I'd urge you to read the book first though. :)