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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Matrix - You Know What I've Noticed?

Of all the "must see movies" there are few that have the same "must see appeal" as The Matrix (1999). It was something special when it came out and remains so, to me. It's not marvelous story-telling, the acting (in the whole part) stinks and the idea, although interesting, isn't anything new - not really.

But it's one of those "cool" movies, especially for film-fans of my generation. Who didn't pretend to do the "bullet dodge" limbo-like swish that Neo does (left)? Or that bit where Trinity does that freezy-spinny-kick-thing - we've all done that too! Haven't we? Or at least tried? No? Hmmm...

Do you know what I've noticed? I get so in to movies that I start to build my day around them - it's a tiny bit sad. But it happens! I bought Enter The Matrix for PS2 yesterday, for 50p. I've been playing it constantly since. And it's a nice little gap-filler between the first and second films. 

Oh, the second movie! Remember that? The Matrix Reloaded. Not just a gimmicky name: The second movie is pretty bad. Indeed, Matrix fans vehemently insist that there was only one Matrix movie. But I don't think that's all that fair. I mean, the second (and third) movie aren't anywhere near as interesting as the first, but there's a hell of a lot of great, exciting scenes. 

And you know what? I'm going to say something controversial now - as a Matrix fan (a huge one): I like the second and third movies, I do! They're brilliant - or at least brilliant-looking. There's not a lot of substance to them, they're wafer-thin, story-wise... 

But there's nothing quite like watching all three, back-to-back. Big, glossy, loud, gun-totin' action. That freeway car chase; it's incredible! Even now! It's pretty special - not very special, but... wow. And  the contrived, wordy, unintelligible "explanations" for just why there were two other movies, when there needn't have been, other than for the bucks. Pretentious sci-fi has never been so exciting. 

Now, please forget I told you that the last two movies were any good at all... I have a reputation to keep. Thanks. You're too bloody kind <3