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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Best On The Telly At The Moment...

It's only February and already 2011 has been a pretty good year for telly. We've had Episodes, Michel Roux's Service, Outcasts (snort), 10 O'Clock Live and so much more! And with new episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood to look forward to (between them, taking us into Autumn) it seems that at least one evening a week will be worth spending slouched in front of the box until almost Christmas!

Tonight, 10 O'Clock Live carries on with its ever-increasing-in-quality run on Channel 4 and the fact that it is gaining momentum with each episode bodes well for a recommission. This is due at least in part to the cruel talents of satirist Charlie Brooker, who co-presents with David Mitchell, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Carr. I've spoken on here about him before, so won't bore you with any more of my hero-worship-disguised-thinly-as-comment.

So, instead, a plea: If you have not been following 'Episodes' on the BBC then please catch up on iPlayer now. There's a link just over there *nods left* and all 6 of the episodes already broadcast are available to watch. You should. And please do so before next week's finale. This is a true gem of a show which has taken me - and critics - by complete surprise! It's charming yet crude; a bittersweet modern-classic. It feels new and fresh and, with Matt Le Blanc (who is great in this, but almost always shit in everything else) on board as a main character, that's quite an achievement! Oh, and don't forget Outcasts - though I couldn't tell you when it's on anymore. Sorry Outcast-Makers. <3