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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Channel Four Is Funny At Ten O'Clock Live!

Election night, 2010. I watched the coverage across all channels, to try to get a fair and unbiased take on the night's events. What I got instead was sidetracked. By Channel Four of all channels - a station that hasn't really been all that interesting or funny since the early '90s. But Four's "Alternative Election Night"was fucking funny! It gave us a collection of the more stomach-able, interesting and hilarious social commentators (or comedians) brought together to offer a more down-to-earth and in-touch-with-the-mood-of-the-nation view on the travesty as it unravelled. And because it was on Channel Four it didn't have to be all fair and unbiased - ironically, the exact thing I was looking for at the time!

I loved it. It was funny, sarcastic and still offered the facts as they were. And luckily for us (or me) it's (sort of) coming back for a full-length, 15 part series! Ten O'Clock Live sees Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne and David Mitchell - or Sarky, Grumpy, Sexy and Posho, to give them their "Seven Dwarves" names - back on the box offering killer commentary on current affairs. And you just know that, with a line up like this - and it being shown LIVE (yes, LIVE) - it will undoubtedly pull in a massive cult following from brainy, Leftie comedy fans the internet over - and maybe in the real world too! Brooker is a genius - without question the most exciting journalist (hate that label) in Britain at the moment (and has been for many years). Laverne is clever and sexy and also very funny and she used to be in that band, remember? David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr are comedy royalty and also bloody clever chaps. This is going to be a lot of fun!

I'm not sure, sorry, exactly when this is on - the web seems to think it's on "either Thursday or Friday nights". But it's COMING SOON! And that's all you really need to know. Use your eyes and ears to work out the broadcast time and date for yourselves, as I shall. And when you've watched it, hop back here to talk all about it with me, eh? Thanks. Now, I was going to write a review of 2010's best and worst TV and Other Things... But to be honest, Charlie Brooker's 2010 Wipe cannot be beaten. So click HERE to watch it on BBC iPlayer. Ahthankyooo!