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Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow Joke, This Weather, Is It? LOL! *Groan*

That's it. It's arrived and everything stops. It's snowing, isn't it? It's always the same. The roads are full, or empty. The news and weather are the same thing. Even Doctor Who has been "snowed off" - no filming today! Presumably because they don't have an episode set in the dingy greying snow that our country gets. 

For Doctor Who to get a Snow Day it must be bad! I've delayed my Christmas shopping even further, with a plan to spend most of the day either reading, watching shit telly or Tweeting mock-enthusiastically about the SNOOOOOOW!!! Because we've never seen it before, have we? Snow. There's no bread in the shops. But there's plenty of beer and pies. Who says the traditional staple foods are all we need when it snows? Nonsense. Buy pasties, microwave burgers and a four-pack of cheap lemonade! Go mad! It's snowing!! Urgh!