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Saturday, 4 December 2010

"I Noticed This Hilarious Occurrence The Other Day..."

Comedy is evolving. Racism and Mother-In-Law jokes are out - unless you're a cretin. It seems that the "character comedy" of the late '80s/early '90s is also out. Observational comedy has been the front-runner of Live Stadium Comedy for a while now. It's not a bad thing, in itself. But that while is dragging a bit, for me.

The King of Observational Comedy today, it seems, is Michael McIntyre. Now, I don't like McIntyre. I have nothing against him, as a person. I've even found myself chuckling at his "observations" on the odd occasion. But I wouldn't pay money to see him live, mainly because everything he has ever done happened first on Live At The Apollo on BBC1, about a year before it was toured.

And last night, on BBC1, Michael McIntyre: Hello Wembley! was on. Now, as far as I know, he hasn't released a Live DVD this year. Hello Wembley! is the most recent one. It was released last Autumn. I know people who have bought this DVD for their relatives for Christmas this year. 

How disappointed would you be, as a present-buyer, to find out your Auntie (for whom you have bought Hello Wembley! this Christmas, since she saw his Live and Laughing show on Paramount recently) has watched her soon-to-be Christmas Gift just three weeks and a day before you give it to her. I'd want to cry!! She's your Aunt, for heaven's sake! She only ever watches DVDs at Christmas, when there's a special Corrie on later than usual! That's a waste of £15 right there! I guarantee that DVD will remain in its plastic wrapper until September, when your Aunt sees his NEW show (which you've bloody bought her for Christmas that year) broadcast on BBC1 and remembers she likes him.

It spoils Christmas for lazy present-buyers. Michael McIntyre spoils family Christmastime the country over! The problem, I've decided, with Mick (as I feel I can call him, since he spoiled my Christmas) is that he's too successful. He's too "on TV". But he's quite funny, to give him credit. His bit about condiments made me giggle. Oh, God! What am I becoming?