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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The X Factor - Paije Richardson Special (with added "V"agner!)

So it's week six and the show is in that dippy middle part, where it's okay, but nothing special. This week was Elton John week (which was good news for Paije, because he's just like a cuddly little black Elton John.) Not such great news for Mary, or Wagner, or most of the others...

Rebecca shone again. One Direction were okay. Katie was good. The others were fine, in the most part. But some just didn't rise to the challenge! Matt was consistent, once again, but the songs this week were just flat and overused. The show felt, for the first time this series, a bit tired. But Paije's energy was great!

He came out and sang Crocodile Rock and sang it quite well! He was  just like a little Kingpin From The Daredevil Movie. All pink shirt and bow tie, he was just like a little singing version of what could have been the Eleventh Doctor if Patterson Joseph had got the part... Yes. I'm taking the piss. Louis was at it again. And apparently he's exhausted his back-catalogue of black people, since he used the ol' Luther Vandross line again... No "cuddly" this time, though, presumably Paije has lost weight! That could go against him, since it seems that Louis only likes "little cuddly" things, for which read "young boys with puppy fat".

And what was that I just heard?! Cheryl was unfamiliar with the song Crocodile Rock?!?! Is she not a huge pop star? Does she not KNOW what music is?! If I was Elton John (which I'm not) and I was watching this (which he wouldn't) I'd be offended more by that one comment than by any of the substandard karaoke versions of my musical masterpieces (which, no doubt, he will be)!

Sorry kids, this last couple of weeks I'm really not feeling The X Factor like I was. The series seemed to peak on Guilty Pleasures Week and go slowly, and almost unnoticed, down hill from there. X Factor Acts. You have a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I'm blow... hang on!! What's that? Stephen Fry is supporting WAGNER?!?! Surely not! Hehehe!