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Monday, 8 November 2010

Trake Eats Dirt

So, the results came in and we were all shocked. And shocked at lots of stuff! First of all Trake (pictured) and Katie were revealed to be the two with the lowest number of votes. 

Then, both were shit in the sing-off - although Katie at least sang with her heart, breaking down at one stage and falling to the ground, cross-legged and rocking. There was a genuine feeling of unease in her much-repeated pleadings - whether part of the song or not.

Then, when they were both finished, Cheryl refused to choose between the two acts, which were both hers remember. And then it all kicked off online with an almost 50/50 split in those who believed she was right to refuse to send one of "her girls" home and those who thought that she should have done her fucking job, since that's what she's paid for. 

I think I must agree with the former group. This has been a series of scandal and upset. The X Factor has been more or less a mainstay of the red-top front pages, even spilling over into the broadsheets sometimes. The more the show gets in the papers, the more people will tune in to "see what the shit is going on!" In the words of Simon Cowell, "There's good publicity and there's bad publicity. But it's all publicity!"

Now, please! Can we all stop thinking Wagner is funny?! Him out next, then Mary, then Paije. Thanks.