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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The X Factor - Live Show 4

Okay. Part of me wishes, after my rant last week, that she hadn't done that last night. But a much bigger part loves that she did, if only to shut those chanting "one trick pony" up once and for all. I speak, of course, of Cher Lloyd. Last night's show was not a patch on last week's. Something was missing. Everyone seemed so nervous and the songs were all middle-of-the-road safe choices, except for a couple. I'm ashamed to say that - since I was out last night, so missed the show - I Sky+ fast-forwarded through the majority of acts after hearing the first few seconds of their songs. I found this live show boring and same-y.

But three acts jumped out, for me, as being miles better than the rest. Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel and One Direction. The Boy Band were just brilliant singing Total Eclipse Of The Heart. They got the emotion of the song just right and still held their "cutesy faces" so as to keep the teen girls frothing for them.

Katie sang great. But it was the look that made the performance stand out. She could sing the phone book to me to the tune of Incy Wincy Spider and I'd still love her because she'd sing it wonderfully. But the whole black eyes and white make-up made her look haunting and sexy and scary and uncomfortable but utterly irresistible all at once. Like a dead milf pole-dancing in your bedroom. Katie is so odd that you just don't know what the hell she'll come out with next! This week it was a sexy, flirty take on Bewitched. And what a show. Readers of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - did she remind you of The Man With The Thistle-Down Hair's sexy twin sister?

But the star of the show, as usual, was Cher Lloyd. Kicking sand in the faces of those who think she can only rap, Cher cooed out a beautifully vulnerable version of Stay, without a single rap in sight. She is a star. Simon Cowell said that it was the performance of the whole season. I think I have to agree. I love Cher when she raps; it's what she does best. But there is no denying that there is one hell of a singing voice in there too. Cher Lloyd doesn't need this competition any more - the competition needs her.

Here's her wonderful performance from Saturday Night: