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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Louis Sends Another Talent To The Kerb

Another week's X Factor over. Another "shocking result" - for some. But not for me... Wagner's still there. Belle Amie are still there. One Direction remain. Boring Mary is hanging in there and now, after tonight's ridiculous result, Trake is there for another week too. 

I don't agree that either of tonight's bottom two deserved to be there, not when Wagner can come out week after week, singing bollocks and stay there. And I want to share something that my Mother and I have discussed week in, week out about John. If you think it racist or stereotyping then that's up to you. But it has nothing to do with his race, colour or background. It has to do with what WE believed he would have been good singing! John, in my eyes, was never the artist we saw. John was fun, upbeat and interesting. And yet, because Louis Walsh couldn't tell a platinum selling hit from a steaming pile of shit, he was made to sing naff, brooding 1960s and 70s guff. Not bad songs, but terrible song choices.

What he should have been given is "I Don't Wanna Dance" by Eddie Grant, or a classic Bob Marley track. Something to show his bounce, his spirit. Something that wouldn't bore us all to death. It's a damn shame that he had to go, but the truth is he wasn't all that interesting. His mentor robbed him of a chance to be a real artist. A real, new, British Reggae artist. Something good. Louis Walsh is ruining The X Factor. More on this in the coming weeks...

...My review of The A Team movie will be posted early next week. :)