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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Apprentice - "Karmically, they will be retributed!"

So tonight Melissa was FIRED. She claimed to be the best pitcher ever but clearly wasn't. As confrontational as she was, it wasn't enough to talk her way out of getting fired... blah, blah, blah! 

Sorry. I did enjoy the episode, but I need - need - to talk about someone else. I want to talk about Laura.

Good god alive, she's lovely, isn't she? She's pretty in that "eyes like a doll" kind of way, she is vulnerable yet competent and when she gets upset or cross her cheeks flush... 

Awww! I think, like any reality tv show I ever watch, she's the one I'm secretly in love with. 

Well, reader, it is a secret no more! She's lovely! Guh! I don't even know what it is about her that makes me go all wobbly and silly, but she does. I find myself feeling like I want to stick up for her (that's 'stick up for her'). It's like when you fancy the cool girl from school that you know isn't really all that cool but has managed to get in with the cool crowd. She doesn't seem to be nasty or selfish - certainly not as much as the rest of them anyway. When she does kick off, as she did tonight about the cancelled sale, she does so with very good reason! I'd have a bloody go if some stuck-up bird told me I was to lose my orders too!

Oh, hark at me! I'm gushing. As Ian Bishop would say, "Bro... " - you know what? There are comments enabled; maybe he'll say it himself :)