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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ed Miliband Is Labour Leader

So that's it. The Labour leadership race is over. The joke was that it would either be won by an "Ed" or a "Miliband" - since even bloody Diane Abbot considered changing her name to one or the other, especially for the contest it had to happen, didn't it?!

As it turns out, it was won by both an Ed and a Miliband. Vowing that Labour is now in the hands of "The New Generation" who will do all they can to unite a somewhat fractured party following a crushing defeat at the General Election, Ed delivered his acceptance speech with a quiet style. I supported his brother throughout this leadership election, but you cannot deny that Ed, the younger Miliband brother, has shone pretty brightly on his meteoric rise in popularity and appreciation. And, despite gaining his winning margin from Union support, all party faces - when interviewed - have said that they are 100% behind him.

It can't be a bad thing to have someone intelligent, capable, young and "in touch" - and on Twitter (@ed_miliband) - in charge of our party. So let's see, now, what he can do. I have faith...

Next up: filling his shadow cabinet. This one could be interesting... If I were you, I'd keep a keen eye on the Labour website in the coming weeks for the latest on that. 

Well Done Ed!